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MUSICAUTOR is a non-profit society of composers, lyricists and music publishers for collective management of copyright.


MUSICAUTOR administers Bulgarian and international copyrights for its members (composers, lyricists and music publishers).


MUSICUATOR represents more than 2 700 Bulgarian creators (list of the members of MUSICAUTOR).

Through reciprocal contracts with foreign sister societies in more than 70 countries, MUSICAUTOR represents the authors from more than100 countries worldwide, or almost the entire world repertoire of music (list of the foreign sister societies,  that have contracts with MUSICAUTOR).


MUSICAUTOR is a member of:


The International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies since 1993  


Bureau International des Sociétés Gérant les Droits

d'Enregistrement et de Reproduction Mécanique (BIEM) since 1996



MUSICAUTOR is the only prepresentative of CISAC and BIEM in Bulgaria, that is why only MUSICAUTOR has the right to collect royalties from the users for the world repertoir of music and distribute the collections to foreign sister societies and their members. 


The General assembly of MUSICAUTOR is formed by all the members of the society. MUSICAUTOR is owned by its members with а Board, consisting of 13 composers/songwriters and 2 music publishers - all elected from the General assembly (structure of the society).




MUSICAUTOR promotes and protects the authors through the introduction of innovative practices to increase the revenues from the exploitation of their works. We believe that by meeting the current legal, licensing and technological standards in the collective management of copyright we will be recognized by authors, users and related international organizations as a reliable and trustworthy partner. Our team is aware of and takes responsibility through its operation to be a factor for sustainable integration, validation, and implementation of copyright in the value system of the Bulgarian society.




Musicautor is the connection between millions of copyright owners and millions of musical works users. On one hand Musicautor works actively and openly with the authors, and on the other hand –it takes into account the business interests if of the users, treating them as partners and customers. Thus Musicautor ensures fair remuneration for the work of the authors and sustainable increase in authors’ incomes and provide quick and easy licensing service to their customers (users). By its licensing policy, Musicautor strikes a balance between these two categories (authors and users). The copyright owners rely on the support of Musicautor in today’s constantly changing technological, business and legal environment.




1) Higher protection of copyrights in musical works;

2) Fair remunerations for authors and growth in their revenues;

3) Formation of motivated, qualified and constantly developing team;

4) Treating users as customers and building sustainable partnerships;

5) Increasing authors’ knowledge about their rights and the way they can manage them;

6) Raising awareness about copyrights and establishing copyright as a social value.




1) High-Tech standards;
2) Transparency and accountability towards the authors. Rapid pace of distribution;
3) Efficiency in communication with the users and in the licensing process;
4) Efficiency in communication with our members, our international partners and all institutions, whose activity is related to Musicautor;
5) Modernization of and adaptation to the constantly changing environment (technological, legal).