Musicautor is an organization of composers, authors and music publishers for collective management of copyright.

Musicautor offers more than 95% of the world's musical repertoire for the Bulgarian market. It represents over 3000 Bulgarian authors and also over 2 500 000 authors from all over the world, who are members of sister societies, with whom Musicautor has contracts for reciprocal representation.


Musicautor actively works with the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC). It has been their member since 1993. Musicautor works by CISAC’s Professional rules for societies for collective management of copyright in music. Since 1996 Musicautor has been also a member of the international organisation representing mechanical rights societies (BIEM), and since 2018 Musicautor is a member in European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers (GESAC).


Musicautor was founded on June 11, 1992 by 103 Bulgarian authors and composers and it carries out its practice as a collective management organization (CMO) under the Law for the non-profit corporate bodies (legal entities) and the Law on copyright and related rights. Musicautor has a valid registration at the Ministry of Culture as a CMO under №1 / 13.01.1994, re-registered by order of the Minister of Culture according to the registration certificate № 62-00-0152 / 27.10.2011 and the certificate № U-62 / 05.09.2014.


As a collective management organization Musicautor:

licenses, i.e contractual arrangements with the users, whose’ businesses benefit from musical works – media and operators, facilities and retail establishments, web platforms and sites, concert promoters and others;

collects rightholders’ royalties from the users based on tariffs, authorized by the Ministry of Culture.

distributes royalties amongst the rightholders, in compliance with the adopted Distribution rules by the General Assembly.

is non-profitable.

Our Mission

Musicautor encourages and protects authors by introducing innovative practices for revenue enhancement in the use of their works. We believe that by meeting the current legal, licensing and technological standards in collective management of copyright, we would be acknowledged by the authors, users, employees and international sister societies as a scrupulous and reliable partner. Our team recognizes and assumes responsibility through its practices to be a factor in the sustainable integration, affirmation and implementation of copyright in the value-system of the Bulgarian society.

Our Purpose 

Our cause is to protect the interest of the authors, when their musical works are used, by ensuring equitable payment for their work. Musicautor works in direction of improving authors’ royalties by its licensing policy and by implementing high technology and innovative products in its work process, which will increase the capacity of the administered data in shorter periods.

By forming a motivated, qualified and constantly evolving team, we embrace our users as clients and partners and we give a simple and quick licensing service. 

In its work Musicautor’s team is striving to enhance the author’s knowledge on their rights and their management/control, as well as to affirm copyright into society’s value system.

Our Values

1. High technological standards
2. Transparency and accountability towards the authors. Quick rhythm in distribution 
3. Effectiveness in the communication and licensing the repertoire towards the users.
4. Effective and constructive communication (and having a respectful relationship) with the members in the society, our international partners and all other institutions who have any attitude towards Musicautor’s activities;
5. The initiatives for modernising and adapting towards the constantly changing technical and legal field.